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Eurolingua's first post!

Learning English from home - 10 top tips!

Welcome to a huge step towards Eurolingua's transformation. The world is changing and Eurolingua plans to change with it. This means bringing our online presence up to a standard that meets today's expectations. You may be familiar already with our new website, or our popular TikTok account, or maybe even with our makeover on Instagram, bringing you daily posts with interesting words, phrases, and facts about the English speaking world. But we're not going to stop there! We have many plans to develop Eurolingua and make it the best environment for our students both in person and online! Some of these plans extend to bringing you a new monthly blog on our website, and this is our first! Coming soon will also be a podcast, that will bring our monthly blogs to life, giving you the opportunity to listen to a British voice, in your own time, while you travel, in the car, or from the comfort of your own home. We hope you like what we have in store for you. It's all looking rather exciting.

Below, Jake (our native speaker) has put out together a list of the best ways to learn English from the comfort of your own home, at times that suit you.

Look out below for our detailed index of the harder English words, translated into Polish!