Wybierz odpowiedni dla Ciebie rodzaj testu:



1. Look!This boy football!
2. My friends a cat.
3. These flowers are beautiful,but are ugly.
4. My little brother is only 4 years old,but he very well.
5. How sugar do you take in your coffee?
6. We have got milk and cheese in the fridge.
7. My English lessons are Mondays.
8. Please, talk now!
9. He to school every day.
10. New York is than Warsaw.
11. any interesting places to see in your town?
12. My sister .
13. Steve here yesterday.
14. What last weekend?
15. Pandas live in China, ?
16. The sea looks beautiful when the sun .
17. Who you the news?
18. English all over the world.
19. If you need help , please .
20. Students go to school on Sundays.

0-5 punktów : poziom początkujący
6-10 punktów : poziom podstawowy
11-15 punktów : poziom podstawowy/niższy średniozaawansowany
16-20 puntktów : poziom niższy sredniozaawansowany


1. What of my new car?
2. While I the telephone rang.
3. I such a beautiful place before.
4. The teacher asked his students .
5. After I breakfast , I went to work.
6. There are still things we have to do.
7. If the weather is nice tommorow,we for a walk.
8. What would you say if I you to dinner?
9. When we were young we like ice-cream.
10. I don't know where .
11. My car broke down ,so I .
12. I wish I what you mean.
13. She was here all night so she with him.
14. Cigarettes are bad for your health - you must stop .
15. He told me he a ghost before.
16. My children don't like going out in bad weather.
17. I'd rather here.
18. I'd rather you here.
19. This is the first time such a boring man.
20. If you had warned me , I to come here.

0-5 punktów : poziom średniozaawansowany
6-10 punktów : poziom średniozaawansowany/wyższy średniozaawansowany
11-15 punktów : poziom wyższy sredniozaawansowany
16-20 punktów : poziom zaawansowany

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